Hummerbird Celebration Come See What All The Buzz Is About

Visit Rockport-Fulton, Texas on September 17th to the 20th, 2015 and take part in the 27th annual Hummer Bird Celebration.  Connie Hagar, a self – taught ornithologist often referred to as “The Bird Lady” by Rockport natives, first documented the migration of Ruby Throated Hummers through the Rockport-Fulton area in 1938.  These beautiful creatures spend their winters between Southern Mexico and Northern Panama stopping off for a visit in our area during the fall months.   The Ruby Throated Hummers  are considered a tropical bird but migrated further north over the years due to overcrowding and lack of food in the southern regions.   

Luckily for us that means we get the Hummer Bird Celebration.  This fun occasion is held every year at the Rockport – Fulton Middle School and Martha Luigi Auditorium located at 1701 Colorado Street, Rockport, Texas.  Over the course of the four days celebration you can take part in bus tours around town and view local homes that have planted various plants such as Butterfly Bushes, Lilies, Scarlet Sage and Verbena as well as feeders that attract the birds.   These gracious homeowners allow humming bird enthusiasts to walk around and through their properties to view, photograph and observe sometimes up to one hundred Ruby Throated hummingbirds.    Local businesses also set up feeders out front of their businesses to attract them.  If you want to take the tour on your own, and not ride the tour bus you can get a map of homes and business on the tour route.  Rockport residents all over town put out red signs in their front yard to notify people that they are on the list for the hummer tours.  You are welcome to quietly walk through their yards to observe the hummingbirds.   There are also half day trips out to Fennessey Ranch and the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge  each day as well as Boat Birding Trips that departs from The Fulton Harbor.  You can check out the tour schedules by clicking here. Schedule of Events

There is also the Hummer bird Mall located in the Middle Schools Commons area.  Each year there are almost a hundred booths and vendors.  Enjoy the many food booths and vendors with bird related crafts and gifts and educational information also available.    Each year there are guest speakers and seminars each day.   Take advantage of the world of knowledge available throughout the day and learn about many different birds, not just humming birds.   Another exciting feature the Rockport – Fulton Hummer Bird Celebration has to offer is that there are licensed hummingbird banding teams that are on site banding birds with a tiny band that has a letter and five numbers that will identify the bird.   It is interesting if the birds are caught again to see where they have ended up.   All the information collected is reported to the North American Bird Banding Laboratory

Over 5000 people from all over the country come down to Rockport – Fulton to take part in this celebration.  Here at Miss Kitty’s, we have over 100 homes available for you stay in. Some of our homeowners even put out their own Humming Bird feeders out the for our guest enjoyment.   Tequila Sunset, a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home on Copano Bay always has an abundance of hummers right on the upper deck!