Copano Causeway Pier Buy You Bait and Fish All Day

By: Denali Huff 

The Copano Causeway Pier is a state park located only five miles north of Rockport, Texas.  This beautiful park is 5.9 acres and is a popular fishing spot among locals as well as tourists.  The fishing pier is divided up into two sections.  One section is located on the South side and is 2,500 feet long while the other is on the North side and 6,190 feet long.  The Copano Causeway Pier gets its name from the original use of the pier which was a causeway across Copano Bay traveling down Hwy 35.  This location is known for catching trout, flounder, and black drum off of both live and dead shrimp in the fall.  Bring your whole family out to fish this autumn to the Copano Causeway Pier.  This pier is open 24 hours a day so you can fish your hearts out. For more information about the state park go to  

With the amount of wonderful fishing locations in Rockport, there is a large demand for bait and tackle in the small coastal town.  Rockport Tackle Town is one of our favorite places for lures, hooks, fishing rods, clothing, and fishing licenses.  All the staff members are extremely experienced and will give you great fishing tips and advice in order for you to have the most memorable fishing trip of your life.  They also have a large hunting and clothing section.  To learn more about Rockport Tackle Town visit or call (361) 729.1841.  Rockport also has a large variety of live bait shops located throughout town.  Some of our favorites are Mom’s Bait shop, Fulton Harbor Bait’s and Seafood, Harbor Bait and Sea-Gun Bait House. They each sell a variety of bait including shrimp, crab, piggy perch, and much more.  To see our complete list of bait stands in Rockport go to  Learn special fishing tips, weather forecasts, secret fishing spots, and fishing license information check out our customer guide at  

Miss Kitty’s Fishing Getaways offers many fabulous rental homes that come with their own private pier making them the perfect places to stay for all you hard core fishermen.  The Cat’s Meow is a large 4 bedroom 3 bath home that sleeps up to 11 people and has its own private fishing pier.  This is a popular rental among guests and has a large entertainment center outside with a kitchen and bar area.  This is the perfect home to take a group of friends or family to fish and relax all day and all night.  To find more information on this amazing house and reserve it today go to  We can't wait to see your in Rockport!