The Best Fishing Guides in Rockport
By: Denali Huff

Going fishing with a guide is an exciting and thrilling experience. The first step to planning your fishing trip would be to decide where you want to fish. The Rockport area has many different bays and gulfs to choose from. You can decide to fish inland or offshore. If you have no idea where to fish or how to fish do not worry!  Rockport has many amazing fishing guides that are licensed and very experienced. They know where the best and sometimes secret fishing places are. The guides will tell you where and when to meet them to board the boat depending on where your fishing trip is taking place. The guides will provide life vests, ice, fish cleaning services, bait, fishing poles, and reels! You should bring drinks, snacks, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen, camera and a hat. Most of their boats have compartments to store your belongings during the trip. If you want to fish for a specific type of fish then make sure to let your captain know ahead of time so they can bring the correct bait and lures. Some guides will provide you with lures while others will expect you to bring your  own. Guided trips are child friendly and you can book any where from half day trip or up to a two day fishing trip. 

Common fish caught in the Rockport area are trout, redfish, black drum, and flounder. Guides will decide what to fish for based on location and season. Guides will also decide if live bait or lures are better based on what type of fish you will be fishing for. Before you go fishing make sure you get a fishing license with a salt water stamp.  You can purchase a 2 day up to a year license.  They can be purchased at HEB, Walmart, or any local fishing store. You can also purchase a fishing license online at Texas Parks and Wildlife Online License and Information.

Fishing guides will take you out on a smooth riding boat of their choice. Some will also provide kayaks for a kayak guided fishing trip. Guides will often specialize in certain areas including location, type of fish, boat fishing, wade fishing, offshore fishing, shallow water fishing, or salt water fishing. If you have specific questions on how or where you want to fish you might want to visit the websites of multiple different fishing guides. To see a list of some of our favorite fishing guides visit Miss Kitty's recommended fishing guides here
You might want to rent a house based on where you want to fish. If you know that you want to fish on Aransas Bay then you may want to rent a house that is located in that area. For more information on houses in the Aransas Bay area please visit Aransas Bay Front Homes. Copano Bay is also a popular fishing spot in Rockport and Miss Kitty’s has many rental houses located in this area. To pick a house in the Copano Bay area go to Copano Bayfront Homes.  To choose a fishing guide based on location you can go to the Texas Fishing Guides by area website.  If you are interested in going off shore fishing than you may wantto visit Offshore Adventures in Port Aransas, Texas.  For rental homes and/or condos in the Port Aransas area please click this link Port Aransas Area Rentals.  Check back periodically for Port Aransas rentals, we have new ones coming soon! 
Fishing is very popular in the Rockport area and guided fishing trips are constantly being booked. Make sure to book your fishing trip several months ahead of time to insure that you get your dates reserved. Spring break is a popular fishing time and guides are booked up fast! If you are planning on going on a fishing trip during Spring break make sure to reserve your dates now.